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Youth Popular Culture Institute

If Hip Hop Can Be Used 2 Market Products...
Then How do we use Hip Hop to market prevention

Ways YOU Can Support

The Youth Popular Culture Institute is always looking for partnership opportunities that will further help us to achieve our goals. The following are ways that YOU can join our team of supporters:

  • Forward a tax-deductible donation that will go towards continuing our research, development of educational entertainment products, production of special events and our general operating costs.
  • Provide in-services or goods such as donating equipment, supplies, professional expertise and technical assistance, publishing and graphic art services, pro-bono legal and financial consultation, public/media relations, or technology assistance.
  • Provide volunteer time. Serving as an office assistant, researcher, writer, or on-location production assistant are some of the many services that you might consider. You can also be a guest speaker at one of our special events or even host your own event wherein YPCI can be on your agenda.

Any way that you can support YPCI’s commitment to the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, health and social welfare of youth and families who are most at risk for failure is much appreciated. Thank you.

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